We are developing software solutions to help electricity distribution networks thrive within a rapidly changing supply chain.


Our platform provides you with the tools and data needed to create network aware analytics and software systems. It's at the heart of all our software solutions.


We unlock value from your ADMS, GIS and Meter Data systems by exposing their data and creating integrations and applications that support contemporary operational and planning needs.


We’re helping you transition to an energy future with an active demand side, keeping the grid stable through the orchestration of DER.


Energy Workbench

Real time analytics and forecasting

A platform providing a network aware data fabric and GIS/ADMS integrations needed to support the development of next generation operational and planning software technologies.


Controlled access for planned work

Provides support for planned network access requests, managing the workflow, customer notification process, audit trail, attachments and internal notification processes.


GIS/ADMS data management

Significantly reduces data maintenance by keeping your GIS and ADMS synchronised, through cross validation of topology and managing background attribution updates from GIS to ADMS.

About Us

Established in 2015, Zepben is headquartered in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

Our founders have a long standing involvement with electricity distribution and a track record of creating complex software systems for the sector. We are passionate about creating the next generation of operational and planning support software for our industry, to facilitate the growth of renewables and distributed energy resources.

If you’re wondering about our name, it’s short for “Zeppelin Bend” – a type of knot, or bend. It is a secure, easily tied, and jam-resistant way to connect two ropes. For us, it’s a metaphor for the union of data and energy flows which must be achieved if we are to maintain the security of electricity supply we have all come to depend upon.

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